Easter Sunrise

For a few moments the sun appeared before being blocked by thick clouds above the horizon.


Looking at Cape Cod from Plymouth

As someone who loves the absurd and whose introduction to humor and history was the story of how Abe Lincoln was born in a log cabin that he helped his father build, I love Plymouth.

And, sincerely, I mean no disrespect by this.

I love that this rock

033118 The Rock

has this type of presentation:

033118 The Rock Showcase


From here you can see Cape Cod on the far horizon … where the pilgrims landed before coming to Plymouth.

033118 Cape Cod on the Far Horizon.JPG

There was much hardship and many died during the first year. I just don’t think they are all buried under that monument. But that’s okay.


I will save the 17th century version of “an enemy of my friend is my enemy” for another day.

033118 Plymouth Indean

Geese Gathering in Hyannis


Geese gathered during the serene moments before sunrise. They called out to a group at a nearby marsh. Soon there was much noise and commotion as the call was answered and the groups combined and all took flight.

Damn tourists.

Waiting for Spring

This morning I was in Hyannis to catch the early morning light. Spring is less than a week away but it sure didn’t feel like Spring was coming soon. With the snow in the foreground of these beach photos, it doesn’t look like Spring in near either.

Birds along the shore seemed to be waiting for Spring.

031618 Early Light in HyTown031618 snow sand water horizon031618 B&W Hytown Sunrise



Gray’s Beach Yarmouth

I have been here many times but feel I could or should have come here more often.

The board walk is still closed off because of damage it took in a storm earlier this winter. But it was still a great night. Great views without freezing or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. And a big not quite full moon.