The Great Egret

Came across a group of Great Egrets this morning. They are also known as the Great White Heron. They were too occupied feeding in these shallow waters to be concerned with me taking pictures of them, for which I am grateful.


Great Egret BGreat Egret CGreat Egret DGreat Egret EGreat Egret FGreat EgretGreat Egrets I've Had a Few

This Week in Sandwich

I was able to catch the sunrise in Sandwich a few days this week after a long stretch of clouds and rain. This particular spot has great views of the eastern horizon and calm water.DSCN9337DSCN9345DSCN9348DSCN9351DSCN9356DSCN9362DSCN9363DSCN9364

Gray’s Beach

Gray’s Beach is a place where you are more comfortable when it is cool and windy. It is especially so at low tide as it has a tendency to get buggy.

The long board walk way out into the salt marsh makes this a popular spot to enjoy the setting sun.

Because of the changes the tide brings to life on the salt marsh, Gray’s Beach, also known as Bass Hole, offers a variety of things to look at on each visit.DSCN9273DSCN9274DSCN9280DSCN9298DSCN9266DSCN9271