Early Drive to Chatham

Took a drive to Chatham this morning to catch the early morning light.


By Design

Chunks of ice rest on the beach, too heavy to return to the water. They dot the shore for as far as you can see.

Looking as if measured and cut, some chunks float on the calm water and become islands for birds to take their prey.

Even the clouds seem exquisitely designed.

A Glimpse of the Divine

It seems obvious, of course, to say the moon is enormous. It is, after all, a full moon, a SUPER moon, right?

It really isn’t much of a surprise to observe that despite being hidden behind layers of clouds it out shined the man made light along the shore.

And it was more than a thing that carved a gargantuan swath of light from the darkness.

Like so many things in Nature that are truly awesome, it was a glimpse of the divine.

010218 Enormous


2018 Is Fast Approaching

The temperature is dropping and the rain is falling.

There is snow to the north but we all know it wouldn’t dare snow on Cape Cod.

2017 is coming to a close. On this blog I have, with varying degrees of frequency, chronicled my time with nature.

In past years I have made calendars from my photos which I shared with family and friends over the holidays. This year I broadened the scope and have been pleased with the amount of interest.

As the days remaining in this year dwindle to a precious few, so are the number of available calendars.

Rather than venturing out in the wind and rain, I will make this offer available to you this afternoon. 2018 Cape Cod Wall Calendar