Scargo Tower

Scargo Tower in Dennis is a cool place to watch clouds late in the day.


Life on the Trail

I took a 4 mile walk on the Cape Cod Rail Trail this morning.

It was teeming with life! There were healthy grasses and clover as well as very mature garlic mustard and other invasive plants. There were birds and bunnies and who knows what in the more wooded areas.

I came across a number of slugs crossing the path, leaving their distinctive trail chronicling their travel. Sometimes it appeared they changed their minds part way, or maybe lost their sense of direction. How many finished their race to the other side ahead of the rising sun or before becoming a morning snack, I don’t know.


A Great Place to Be

A south facing beach was a great place to catch the rising sun and the setting moon this morning. I don’t thing I was alone with that opinion.

Sometimes I  make new friends on the beach in the early morning hours. Someone who seems to be taking in the beauty of nature along with me. … someone who will be my focal point, a silhouette against the morning light, even photo bomb here and there.


Bright and Colorful

After so many days of gray skies it was great to start the day with so much color and light.

Fortunate to be able to go to a few spots in Sandwich this morning. What a great start to the week.052118 Monday Sunrise052118 Morning Light052118 Sandwich Boardwalk

Friends and Foes Along the Rail Trail


What you see are wild plants along the section of the Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) While I was glad to not detect any poison ivy, these plants are invasive and are not native to New England. The two frail, barely visible weeds in the center, however, are very damaging to the soil and create an environment where only poison ivy can thrive.

I spotted very soil friendly clover along the trail. Areas near the parking lots were wisely mass planted with clover. Clover improves the quality of the soil and allows many species of plants to thrive.