Chapin Beach Seldom Disappoints

This is a great place watch the sun set. Tonight there was a sliver of moon on display also.



Sundown in Hytown

It was a stunning display of light and color at one of my familiar spots looking towards Hyannis over Lewis Bay.

Kind of cool to share this moment of awe with perfect strangers who also stopped to take in this beauty.

Super Blue Moon

The second full moon of the first month of the year. This year is off to a great start.

I did one of the things I would suggest to anyone visiting the area and was able to get this shot.

DSCN0008 (2)

By Design

Chunks of ice rest on the beach, too heavy to return to the water. They dot the shore for as far as you can see.

Looking as if measured and cut, some chunks float on the calm water and become islands for birds to take their prey.

Even the clouds seem exquisitely designed.